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Private Labels

The Range for Those Who Need the Best

The demand for high-quality products and greater convenience has steadily been increasing in South Africa. This is why we believe that making better choices should be easier for customers in the hospitality and catering industries. Welcome to our highly recommended Private Label range of brands and products. They don't just taste or look great, they're also available for you to browse and buy online for FREE delivery.

A World-Class Selection



Extensive in range, CaterClassic is a trusted source of almost all commercial cooking basics – from balsamic vinegar, honey and dried fruits to a range of meat cuts, napkins and hand towels. 



Convenience, quality and freshness define the Checkers Housebrand. Now CFS customers can shop these wonderful products online for FREE delivery in the Western Cape and Gauteng.   



Bringing a steady supply of almost any kind of pasta and several mouth-watering condiments and sauces, the Monteverde range provides a little taste of the Mediterranean to local caterers.    


Crystal Valley

Supplying almost all things deliciously dairy, Crystal Valley offers everything from long-life milk to flavourful cottage cheeses. This wide range boasts tastiness and even Halaal compliancy.   


Pot O'Gold

This label provides a wide selection of tinned or bottled produce, sauces and spreads. Almost every kitchen in South Africa will have at least one Pot O’Gold product in their pantry or cupboard.


The Kitchen

Stock up on the wide selection offered by our range of The Kitchen products. Order through our eShop and you can enjoy FREE delivery to your doorstep in the Western Cape or Gauteng.


Cape Point

Those in catering or hospitality can order gourmet seafood at harbour prices with the Cape Point range. From king prawns and a selection of fish to mussels and calamari, this brand always satisfies!